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Arriving in St Petersburg

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So we stayed up for what felt like forever (actually the taxi came to get us at 3.00am) and headed off to Heathrow Terminal 1. Felt bizarre leaving cos felt like going on a normal holl as opposed to a year away...guess that'll hit later? Anyway flight from Heathrow to Vienna was fine. We got on a 3 by 3 seater plane where we basically tried to get some shut eye but not likely given it was such a short flight. Then we transferred to a 2 by 3 seater plane (this is my official way of describing plane size n quality) to St P. I was a bit aprehensive when boarding which was caused by the boarding officer (male) who after searching through each page of my passport asked "where is your Russian Visa" :s I pointed out it was on page #2 then boarded the plane ;)

After arriving in St P we went to collect our bags which had been delicatley left laying in the middle of the floor by the baggage conveyor belt. They looked very sad all alone so to cheer them up we paid for them to be taken in a minibus (along with ourselves) to the Metro. This was very exciting for me cos I got to see Russian hats in use (you know, the fur round ones with the flaps). Anyway as people get on (and it becomes like the London underground in rush hour-crowded) they will just pass their money down the passengers to the driver. Unfotrtunatley we realised this AFTER a lady passed Jon 50 Rubles. Jon (of course) assumed she was saying we'd dropped it so handed it to me. I was just as baffled as the lady sat behind us who had given Jon the money!! Anyway after much laughter from me (and this is not the first time I've told this story) Jon realised the money was to be passed to the driver. Ha ha ha :)

We took the Metro and found The hostel ok. It's really nice n v laid back. There were pancakes for dinner so as u can imagine, I was very happy with that. They were yummy ;) we've got vodka tasting on Monday but we'll miss the Wednesday night "Mafia" night as we're flying to Moscow that afternoon. Aboo... Oh well, maybe we'll meet some real mafia in Moscow ;)

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From here to there...

So Monday was the BIG move... From our flat to Jons parents house :) boxes, boxes n more boxes! But all sorted now (ahem, sort of) so backpack packing tomo :) after final preps today- weather checking and panic buying (gloves)...
both Jon n I are looking forward to St Petersburg, despite the fact we still haven't booked a hostel, fear not parents this is all in hand n will be sorted tomo...(fingers crossed).
So final thoughts in the UK are:
1) feels wierd saying I'm unemployed (to a bank today)
2) can't believe I still haven't packed my rucksack yet
3) does HP count as 'essential' on the packing list?
4) I have currency, fear not.
5) can't even begin to comprehend what I'm letting myself in for but I know I'm excited!
6) thank god I've got a key for the train loos!

Random UK thoughts over, got anything to add pls comment or email me x

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Our Booked Journey!

Part 1 - The Trans-Siberian Itinerary...

Ruski Huski Journey

Ruski Huski Journey

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Destinations - The Holiday & Travel Show!

Phew, what a day. We went to the (see title of this post) at Earls Court today which was fun (lotsa of freebies) but are both tired now ... we got loads of brochures about the countries we want to visit so hopefully will be able to start getting some detail into our ideas about where is good to go...

I guess i should update you all on plans arranged so far:
Trans-Mongolian Railway Journey ... is all booked. We booked with the Vodka Train (part of Sundowners) - sounds great eh? - on the Ruski Huski trip ...

Flights to Russia

Since we wanted to go to St Petersburg in Russia first, we have arranged this ourselves. We're flying with Austrian Air, landing in St Petersburg on 19th March 2010. We make our own way to Moscow to begin our Ruski Huski trip on 26th March ...

Ruski Huski
We go from Moscow to Irkutsk & Lake Baikal (deepest lake in world) then head onto Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where we got to stay in a Ger camp (wiki it!) then onto Beijing, China.
This trip takes 17 days in total but we have an extra week in Russia before we begin. I can't wait!!!!

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...to our blog site! I have just set this up so may take a while to get it exactly how we want it - let us know what you think. The aim of course is to keep in touch with you all where ever we may be and to keep you updated with our activites etc. We'd love to hear from you during our jouneys so please do message us too.
ta ta for now ...

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